On average, Canvas recruiters complete screens in 4.4 minutes, disqualify in 52 seconds, and save 922 hours per year.

Automate the grunt work, focus on connections.

Too much time is wasted compiling baseline candidate information. With Canvasbot’s Magic Contact, that work is done for you. Canvasbot also guides chats with automated questions and responses. It’s like your extra set of hands. Sound like a super-recruiter? You better believe it.

How many years experience do you have leading a design team?

I’ve been leading in my current role for 3 years.

How many people are on the team?

There are 10 people on the team, 5 of which report to me.

Sounds like great leadership experience!

“Your next job interview might happen via text message. Srsly.”
– The Wall Street Journal

Don’t schedule interviews, just start them.

The majority of candidates don’t prefer phone calls. So why are we wasting time playing phone tag just to get something on the calendar? Texting eliminates the need for scheduling altogether, allowing recruiters to reach up to 10x as many candidates per day.


“Duh, why wouldn’t we use this, since that’s how we communicate now?”
– Kirby Cuniffe, CEO, Aegis Worldwide LLC

More conversations, less work.

Today, recruiters live in 30-minute screening windows talking to one candidate at a time. With Canvas, it’s not like that. Recruiters can connect with multiple candidates at the same time from one beautiful platform. And because conversation threads are inherently captured, documenting and sharing notes and transcripts just…happens. It’s like DVR-ing the interview.

“Very easy to use and a quick way to reach people.”
– Sara Parra, Sales Talent Recruiter, UniFirst Corporation

A robust set of features to kick your productivity into overdrive.

ATS Integration

Leverage our extension to connect with candidates wherever you are on the web, including your ATS. Canvas allows for seamless data flow with your ATS.


Filter out unqualified candidates easily with Canvasbot and move qualified candidates along quickly before bringing a human into the screening process.

Mobile Recruiting App

Extend the power of Canvas to work while you are on the road. Or 30,000 feet in the air. You choose!

Resume Vision

Candidates can text a picture of their resume and Canvas will analyze the picture for and store all relevant candidate information.

Quick Send

Send an individual, personalized text to a talent pool or grouping of candidates with ease.


Candidates can quickly engage with your company via text and Canvasbot will automatically screen them — yes, even thousands of candidates per day. A recruiter can initiate a conversation with the best candidates.


It’s the name of the game. Communicate with your candidates via text messages. There is no app download required for any candidate.


Candidate conversations and interviews are automatically captured. No note-taking required.

Magic Contact

Build out a more complete candidate portrait before you ever talk to them by automatically pulling in social profile information.