These Top HR Tech Trends are Revolutionizing the Industry

The evolution of the employee experience has many edges, one of them being the technologies that are aiding HR transformation. As recently mentioned in Inc.,

“The evolution that we are seeing today continues to shift organizational priorities toward focusing on people and bringing humanity and experiences into our organizations.”

How in the world does focusing on people and experiences lean towards more technology? Shouldn’t that mean more time spent face-to-face? Au contraire. Focusing on people and bringing humanity and experiences into organizations does of course mean engaging when in person, but it starts with the tools designed to enhance human-to-human interaction. If we start there, we will be well on our way to developing more engaged employees. Fist-bumps all around as we welcome transformative technology into the world of HR! 

I think we can all agree that it’s great when market demands and shifting workforces are paired with a technology boom that is accelerating innovation. According to Bersin by Deloitte, there are nine technologies bursting the talent space bubble in all the best ways.

Josh Bersin tells us, 

“..the entire marketplace is shifting from tools that automate traditional HR practices to platforms and apps that make life at work better. This fundamental shift is profound in its implications, and I believe we will see new winners and some losers as a result.”

Here at Canvas, we are borderline obsessed (okay, not even borderline) with the industry-wide push to enhance candidate and employee experiences along with reigniting employee engagement. AND we are pleased as punch to be a part of it!

While all nine of the technologies featured in the infographic below are stellar, I see three standout highlights: real-time engagement, talent acquisition, and AI and automation.

Real-time Engagement

Employee engagement should really begin way before offer letters and first-day complementary breakfast. It starts all the way at the beginning of the candidate’s experience. Real-time engagement technology in the talent space is getting highlighted for being able to more easily evaluate employee satisfaction and the return on engagement. Wins all around! We love it.

However, real-time engagement technology can lend to the impact of employment brands from the first moment recruiters reach out to a candidate. Start from the beginning in creating an amazing candidate experience by sharing brand collateral, culture videos, or personality assessments, then move forward with employee experience and engagement as the natural progression in utilizing these new HR technologies.

Talent Acquisition

The hiring process is a real culprit of company success, especially in seasonal and competitive industries. It is time to use technology to meet candidates where they are by making it easier than ever to apply, communicate with recruiters, and later onboard new hires. 

$240 billion will be spent on talent acquisition and recruitment each year – budgets should be shouting for joy at the availability of amazing new technologies designed to be extremely accessible for recruiters, candidates, and have a positive ROI. Solutions like Canvas are helping corporations better meet candidates where they are by leveraging text-based interviewing. 

AI and Automation

Overall, the fundamental shift in user experience as a result of technology transitioning towards adaptive intelligence and machine learning is positive. The Economic Times said it well, 

“The goal is to deliver more personalized and contextual user experiences based on where users are and what they are doing.” 

There are three main benefits to developing such a smart UX:

  • Automate tasks to increase efficiency    
  • Advise users on the best course of action to meet their objectives    
  • Discover relevant, actionable information while also inviting exploration    

Enabling self-directed employee journeys is advantageous in HR technology because the talent space, and specifically recruiters, are strapped for time. A system-generated notification designed to guide the goal of technology-assisted actions will help take workflows to the next level. To read more about the other six types of technologies enhancing workday experiences for HR, check out the infographic below for additional information!


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