What if a Candidate Texts Me an Emoji?

Everyone always asks about this and here's what we a nutshell, emojis are a win and they are not going to disrupt your text screening process. Here’s three reasons why:

Emojis are a great way to express personality

Using emojis in everyday conversation help us convey our feelings and reactions when words alone fail. It's a great way to express more with less - that's all a candidate (or recruiter) is trying to do. Tossing in a 🙌🏾or two mid-chat with a recruiter is a great way for candidates to express their personality and show that they don’t take themselves too seriously. In the workplace, it’s pretty apparent when interactions should be professional and casual, yet, these schools of interaction ebb and flow so often throughout the day. Texting included.

Inter-company communication is widely chat-based. And you know emojis be poppin’ inside of your chat channels🍾. Why? Because emojis aren’t hurting your internal chat. Let's go ahead and let our emoji flags fly during the interview process as well.

Emojis can help candidates reflect their Genuine interest

Take a look at the two chats below.


The emoji-less and emoji-full responses both work wonderfully here. The usage of emojis in the second response adds a little flair while still providing the same feedback. Whether or not we choose to add some color and animation to a text by way of emoji in no way defines one person as more or less professional than the other. 💁🏼‍♀️

Some people wear purple and other people hate it (no one on the Canvas team can hate purple though, obviously.) Some people use emojis and some don’t. Just like most binaries, this is one we can accept and understand that there’s an "Emoji-Usage Spectrum" (did I just make EUS a thing?) Gazillions of messages have been sent across the Canvas platform and emoji conflict just hasn't been a thing. No, Drake. KeKe does not love you! 

Emojis help further democratize the interviewing process

Even if they use the 👽emoji, it’s important to recognize that recruiters and candidates are humans. 🧕🏻👨🏽‍🎤🧙🏻‍♂️👩🏿‍🏭

Humans who, with Canvas in the marketplace, are getting a fairer chance to enter your talent acquisition pipeline.

Texting is already helping to democratize the interview process by:

  • enabling candidates without access to broadband to respond to recruiters
  • helping deaf candidates reach more opportunities
  • empowering recruiters to de-identify transcripts and resumes before sharing candidate information

It’s pretty commonplace to toss a 🙃in conversation every now and then. Yes, some candidates will use more emojis than others—but the use of an emoji is not an indication that a candidate cares less about being screened for the position.  


Words aren’t always enough. And for that, we have emojis—the body language-equivalent of text messaging. If you’re going to judge a candidate for ending a sentence with a 🤓…then you’re overthinking it and we have some other important things to discuss.