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Text-based interviewing platform Canvas releases machine learning, candidate de-identification and other new features to help recruiters screen job candidates more effectively

Other enhancements to platform include ATS integration, Google Chrome extension and coaching mode

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 10, 2017) – To help today’s busy recruiters screen more job candidates faster and market employment brands, Canvas is introducing a set of new features for its text-based interviewing platform.

“In recruiting, speed is of the essence. Recruiters and hiring managers are moving faster than ever while making smarter, more informed decisions,” said Aman Brar, CEO of Canvas. “With our latest round of platform updates and continued automation, Canvas is creating an incomparable space for recruiters to have valuable conversations with high-quality candidates while reducing the time to fill open job positions.”

New updates to the Canvas platform include:

Candidate De-identification

When sharing candidate information from Canvas, recruiters can enable the candidate de-identification feature to eliminate names and gender-specific pronouns before sharing transcripts with hiring managers, helping to combat unconscious bias in decision-making in the hiring process.

Machine Learning

Recruiters can now utilize machine learning and natural language-based analytics to automatically suggest resource and response recommendations and more. These algorithms will also generate pre-built interview questions to increase candidate quality and reduce time to fill. These new features accelerate the screening process for recruiters, enabling them to connect with more candidates daily.

Real-time Coaching Mode 

When a Canvas account is provisioned for team members, team leaders can use coaching mode—accessible on their desktop version or mobile app—to observe their team’s recruiting efforts and provide helpful direction to the team.

Google Chrome Extension 

Canvas now offers a Google Chrome extension that allows users to pull contact information into the platform directly from their web browser. As recruiters come across candidates they’re interested in, they can quickly engage via Canvas to make a connection. The Chrome extension enhances the recruiter workflow, enabling them to reach candidates more quickly.

ATS Integration 

By integrating with leading applicant tracking systems (ATS), including Greenhouse Software, recruiters can add candidates to their Canvas chat screen based on contact records from their ATS. As conversations continue, chat transcripts are automatically generated with full details of the entire dialogue and are recorded in both Canvas and the ATS. Canvas can also update the ATS with additional candidate information. Canvas and the ATS work in partnership to capture necessary interview data.

"We are always excited to empower our customers in new ways. Partnering with Canvas fosters a greater level of accessibility between candidates and recruiters through an untapped communication channel—texting,” said Dane Hurtubise, Vice President of Platform and Partnerships at Greenhouse. "Our integration allows recruiters to stay up-to-date on candidate responses, creating improved efficiency while providing a unique, personalized candidate experience."

Canvas launched on June 13, 2017. Companies have already used the platform to screen and engage thousands of candidates across a variety of industries and for positions ranging from machinists and welders to software engineers, sales professionals, physical therapists, nurses, and more. Canvas clients span from startups to Fortune 500 companies located in Silicon Valley all the way to the Midwest.

Through Canvas, busy recruiters have access to a portfolio of interview questions that can be sent with the touch of a button. The platform enables recruiters to easily send employment brand information, such as culture videos, benefits and job descriptions, straight to the candidate’s mobile phone. Canvas also eliminates the need to manually take notes. With conversations and reactions documented in real time, recruiters can easily share interview transcripts and candidate feedback with peers, managers and agency clients. The Canvas transcripts feature is like DVRing an interview, giving managers full visibility into a screen to make better informed decisions.

Canvas is available to organizations and recruiting agencies of all sizes that want to improve their job screening process and maximize recruiter productivity.

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About Canvas

Canvas is the first text-based intelligent interviewing system that empowers organizations and recruiters to screen more job candidates and market employment brands. The enterprise-grade software platform, which is also available as an iOS and Android mobile app and Chrome Extension, enables recruiters to better reach today’s talent generation. Canvas is available through a subscription-based model and is scalable for companies of all sizes and in all industries. For more information, visit and follow Canvas on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.



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