11 Roadblocks Delaying and Derailing Your Talent Acquisition

According to Gallup, engaged employees deliver 21% higher productivity, 22% higher profits, 25% lower turnover, 48% fewer safety incidents, and 37% lower absenteeism. On one hand, there is employee engagement that involves showering your team with amazing perks and brag-worthy benefits as a means of focusing on well-being. Equipping the members of your company with necessary tools to stay active, healthy, and valued certainly should be illuminated. On the other hand, another area of engagement involves happiness within the actual work your team is doing. Ask, "How are we simplifying workflows to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and achieve goals?" 

There are many hurdles in the life of your recruitment staff that are delaying the progress of your talent acquisition roles. Read the below to learn what some of these hurdles might be and what strategies can help.

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