“Mr. Watson - Come here - I want to see you.”

Famously, Alexander Graham Bell spoke these words over his telephone on March 10, 1876. At some point down the road, there’s no doubt a resourceful recruiter recognized how the telephone was about to change her talent game. While the telephone call was once a disruptive force, it’s impossible to imagine how many of our established norms have changed in the 140 years since that first fateful ring. 

Some norms haven’t evolved fast enough. Companies have aggressively adopted technologies to engage with sales prospects anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, on the talent side of the house, recruiters still rely solely on the telephone to screen talent. In Mary Meeker’s KPCB 2016 Internet Trends Report, she states only 12% of millennials and 29% of gen x-ers prefer the telephone for business communication. There’s no doubt the telephone call had an amazing run, but now it’s time to meet our candidates where they are. 

In scaling Apparatus, our previous corporate adventure, to a global infrastructure and cloud management company, we rapidly scaled from occasional local hiring to a fast-paced global talent acquisition spree. The ripple effects from relying solely on phone screens created havoc. Recruiters were limited to scheduling four to six phone screens in a day while simultaneously writing notes and collecting their thoughts for their next screen. Managers made go/no go, “who should we” interview decisions based on hastily written (or best case, typed) notes.  

In our hearts and minds, we were convinced there was a better way.

Welcome to Canvas. The world’s first text-based interviewing platform.

Since March, recruiters have used Canvas to engage and screen over a thousand candidates, from welders to salespersons to software engineers. Early adopters span from startups to Fortune 500 companies located in Silicon Valley all the way to the Midwest. 

We’re laser-focused on enabling meaningful and efficient human-to-human conversation between companies and candidates. So far, the results are amazing. Recruiters find new comfort in their day and tell us their recruiters will want to work at their company because they have Canvas. Candidates respond to our client’s indicating they “love” this interviewing process. Can you imagine? Candidates using the L word about a screen. Mind. Blown.

Let’s stop playing phone tag and join the conversation. Welcome to the recruiting revolution.

Go Canvas,


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