We’re Here, We’re There, We Might Just be Everywhere

Today, we’re excited to announce Canvas is powering Jobvite Text

As the world’s first intelligent text-based interviewing platform, Canvas has enabled recruiters to screen and engage with thousands upon thousands of candidates in record time. Our launch was nothing short of amazing (#humblebrag) with more than 50 features in leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Quartz, Forbes, CNBC, Fast Company…you get the point. Every day we focus on getting our software into as many recruiter hands as possible. Recruiters can find Canvas in a variety of leading ATS marketplaces and leverage the most out of our integrations. 

Jobvite Text, powered by Canvas, is the newest addition to Jobvite’s enterprise-grade recruiting platform. Recruiters have used the Canvas text-based recruiting platform to screen and engage tens of thousands of candidates across a variety of industries for positions ranging from machinists and welders to software engineers, sales professionals, customer service representatives, physical therapists, nurses, pilots and more. ATS providers trust Canvas with their conversational recruiting needs and we are thrilled to continue supporting the HR Tech ecosystem in that way. This announcement is yet another sign that Canvas is the industry leader in text-based recruiting software. 

“When it comes to fueling a company’s growth, talent is the single most important factor, providing the ultimate competitive advantage,” said Scott Day, senior vice president of people and culture at OpenTable. “To stay ahead of the competition, the recruiting process has to be quick, easy and painless for the candidate. With 97 percent of adults texting weekly, text messaging has become an integral way to engage candidates. I'm thrilled that our recruiters will be leveraging a highly integrated product from two leaders in the recruiting space to accelerate the process from screening to interviewing to hiring."

With Canvas powering Jobvite Text, power is placed back in the hands of hiring teams as they gain integrated access to text-based interviewing and candidate engagement conversations. This update offers detailed analytics and actionable insights to help recruiters deploy strategic campaigns faster and more securely to hit their hiring goals. 

SHRM declared 2018, “The year that text goes mainstream.” No question we had a little something to do with that. 😏

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