Canvas: Our Little Baby's "All Growns Up"

Hello, friends! 

Canvas launched in June 2017 as the world’s first enterprise-grade text-based interviewing platform. The reception from customers and media alike has been incredible. We’ve made headlines in hundreds of the top media outlets, including Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, BBC, Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, CNBC, and the list goes on and on. We’ve worked with companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies located in Silicon Valley to the East Coast to France.

In less than two years, Canvas has completely transformed the way companies today recruit top talent for positions ranging from machinists and welders to software engineers, sales professionals, physical therapists, nurses, pilots and more.

As the industry’s first text-based interviewing platform, Canvas drives engagement throughout the hiring process with advanced text, chatbot and AI technology. We continue to innovate by leveraging machine learning to empower highly scalable human-to-human conversations and automate top-of-funnel candidate screening.

As the world has latched on to the idea of using a text-based platform to improve recruiting practices, so have other key players in our space.

Today, we are excited to share that Canvas is being acquired by San Mateo, California-based Jobvite, the industry leader in best-of-breed recruiting software.

Canvas will continue to integrate with a variety of HR software platforms. The acquisition will cause no interruption or disruption to current and future Canvas customers. All company leaders and employees will be retained through the acquisition, and our headquarters will remain in Indianapolis. We look forward to growing our employment footprint in Indy.

The acquisition of Canvas coincides with K1 Investment Management announcing a majority investment in Jobvite. In addition to Canvas, K1 and Jobvite are also acquiring Talemetry, an award-winning recruitment marketing company, and RolePoint, the leader in employee referral and internal mobility.

We are beyond thrilled to be included in this industry-changing acquisition. The combination of these organizations enables hiring teams to source, engage, hire, onboard and retain top talent with one end-to-end platform – offering a single unified candidate experience.

Thank you to all of our employees, customers, advisors and partners who have made this such a fun journey. We look forward to all the great things ahead for you – and us!

—Aman Brar, CEO of Canvas

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