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Canvas adds more personality to text-based interviews with new Bitmoji Kit integration

Text-based interviewing platform is first to bring personalized avatars to the job screening process

INDIANAPOLIS (July 24, 2018) – Canvas, the first enterprise-grade text-based interviewing platform, today announces its mobile app integration with Snap Inc.’s Bitmoji Kit, enabling recruiters and job candidates to express themselves with Bitmoji stickers in a text-based interview. 

As the first HR tech platform to leverage the power of personalized avatars, the Canvas platform has integrated with Bitmoji Kit to add a greater sense of personality to a text-based job interview. Canvas users can easily send and receive Bitmojis, adding depth and personality to text interviews and recruiting conversations.

“People are using avatars to communicate everywhere – at work, in life, and even in texts with coworkers and friends. Now, job seekers can expect to get personalized avatars from the next person interviewing them,” said Aman Brar, CEO of Canvas. “Canvas enables recruiters to humanize the screening process for candidates by allowing them to chat seamlessly back and forth via text, and the new Bitmoji integration takes personalization one step further.”

Bitmoji was the number one downloaded Apple iOS app in 2017. Canvas plans to launch Bitmoji Kit web API integration in the next quarter.

"Snap Kit brings the Snapchat experiences you love into some of your favorite apps, without compromising your private account data," said Jacob Andreou, vice president of product for Snap Inc. “The Canvas integration with Bitmoji Kit is unique in that the company is the first to use the platform specifically to inject more personality into the job interview process.” 

Taking an additional step towards convenience and fun for job seekers, Canvas is already helping recruiters communicate with candidates through text using emojis and GIFs. Now with Bitmoji integration, users can show their personality throughout the conversation, ease a nervous candidate’s mind, and connect over fun technology. Together, these new features are helping to combat a stale hiring culture. 

Companies are using Canvas to screen and engage tens of thousands of candidates across a variety of industries for positions ranging from machinists and welders to software engineers, sales professionals, physical therapists, nurses, pilots and more. Canvas users span from startups to Fortune 500 companies located in Silicon Valley to the East Coast to France.

Canvas is available to organizations and recruiting agencies of all sizes that want to improve their job screening process and maximize recruiter productivity. Using Canvas, a team of four recruiters can save 3,689 hours per year and recruit up to 10 times the number of candidates they previously could using traditional methods. 

See how Canvas and Bitmoji work together!

About Canvas

Canvas is the first text-based intelligent interviewing system that empowers organizations and recruiters to screen more job candidates and market employment brands. The enterprise-grade software platform, which is also available as an iOS and Android mobile app and Chrome Extension, enables recruiters to better reach today’s talent generation. Canvas is available through a subscription-based model and is scalable for companies of all sizes and in all industries. For more information, visit and follow Canvas on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.



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