An Insightful Peep into Our Launch Year

Since our June 13 launch, we've been introducing recruiters far and wide to the magic of Canvas (and have been loving every minute of it). The Wall Street Journal said, "Good at Texting, it might land you a job," Recruiting Daily reported, "It's about time," and Quartz thinks, "It's just so crazy, it might work." We're thrilled to say it's not only working, but recruiters are receiving more responses than ever, and candidates are loving the screening process. This might be the first time "love" and "screening process" have been used in the same sentence in recruiting history! 

Peep the infographic below and check out the Canvas happenings of 2017. See where recruiters have screened candidates, the time they're saving, and some of their biggest confessions. 😏

 Enjoy! ☕️🍩

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