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Hey Jackson! Nice to meet you.

9:45 am

Can you tell me a little bit about your role at Cooper & Co.

9:50 am
Candidate Profile

I started in sales but found my way to the product marketing team.

9:55 am
Candidate Profile

I played liaison between marketing and customer success.

9:56 am

Were you a part of any new feature launches?

10:05 am
Candidate Profile

Oh yeah––many. I led a team for the launch of Sterling last year. It was the most successful new launch in company history.

10:07 am

That's great experience. What is Sterling?

10:08 am
Candidate Profile

Sterling is an AI sales assistant. It feeds reps real-time suggestions during discovery calls.

10:09 am

How did you measure success?

10:09 am
Candidate Profile

Just 14 months later the feature alone accounts for 60% of new logos.

10:10 am

Who was on the launch team?

10:11 am
Candidate Profile

I worked alongside the VP of Product and the VP of Marketing to craft a launch strategy.

10:15 am
Candidate Profile

I really like keeping everyone on the same page.

10:16 am

That's a really important skill for the role we're filling.

10:16 am
Candidate Profile

I want to do more of it. Can you send me the benefits package?

11:30 am

Here you go.

Benefits 11:33 am
Candidate Profile


11:34 am

I think you'd be great for the position. I just sent our conversation to the hiring manager. She's reviewing it now.

11:40 am

Hey Daniel–my manager would love to meet you. Are you able to come in Tuesday at 330pm for an interview?

2:00 pm
Candidate Profile

I'd love to.

2:01 pm


2:01 pm

Here's the job description for you to check out before coming in.

Job-Description 2:05 pm
Candidate Profile

Thanks, Jackson! See you Tuesday!

2:08 pm

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Barksy 2.5 years Marketing Analyst Danielle Yung Share candidate

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*KPCB 2016 Internet Trends Report